Open Workshop

Open sourcing the workshop

New workshops are proposed regularly and organizing committees of established workshops constantly change. This creates a lot of redundant work and new organizers are often unaware of the different responsibilities and timeline for such an endeavor. For future reference and to ease this process for others we decided to open source all of our organizing material. This documentation includes:

We kicked off planning in June 2022, by gathering the organizers, discussing the main theme of the workshop, and preparing for the workshop proposal’s submission. As the workshop is co-located with EMNLP it will take place at the end of 2023. Please note that these materials will therefore evolve over the course of the year as we are in the process of planning. 

These materials are best suited to *ACL-related workshops but might be relevant for different research communities as well. 

If there's something else that might help you out, and we didn't include it, please reach out and we'll try to add it here.

Happy organizing :)

Additional resources